Swimming Ponds-Nature Pools

Quietly rippling waves play melodies for your soul. With each little wave, everyday cares recede further into the background. Water is a fascinating element and thus exercises magical powers of attraction. Murmuring ripples in a stream or lively noises in a waterfall provide a fascinating show.

Life is never boring in the presence of water.

Garden features such as sculptures and statues play with the light reflected in the water. Sunbeams transform the surface of the water into a lit-up stage.

Charming accessories such as gargoyles and pisiform limestone constitute a hidden surprise. You can let your imagination run wild in the seclusion of the pond and the garden and some great urban treescapes which are perfect for this environment. Reality remains outside and a presentation from another time and another place captivates the onlooker.

There are no limits set to imagination in the planning. Quiet rippling and flowing shapes create your own little refuge in the garden.

Water, which is in motion, blends with the air, cools it and produces vibrant reflection.

With water, we invite you to dream:

Of the natural pool with certain natural stonewalled areas,

stairs leading into the pond and walled seating areas in the water or

of the biological swimming pond with the use of modern technology.

Water adds an extra special charm to your garden.

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