Good morning and kind regards !

Many garden owners want to have a place which is soothing for the soul and where body and spirit can be refreshed.

Enthusiasm for gardening is usually no substitute for horticultural knowledge and practical experience, as these will turn your garden into a jewel.

Beautiful blooms should put the observer into a cheerful mood.   The interplay of perspectives and proportions and a symphony of form and colour create an oasis where you have a sense of wellbeing. Every detail often counts.  It just doesn’t work without careful planning.

Butterflies, bees and birds should not ignore your garden.  By using plants where insects and birds find food and shelter, a natural environment is created where your garden’s inhabitants feel at home.

The twitter of birds and the rustle of plants in the slightest breeze also make the garden an auditory experience. Fragrant plants should indulge your sense of smell and stimulate the other senses.

One of the nicest activities in a garden is strolling.

Yours sincerely,

Ing. Günter Grumer

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