Rose Gardens

Fragrant, colourful dreams
The rose is known as the Queen of Flowers and has a very exquisite nature which does not seek competition, but prefers benevolent companions.

The more romantic the effect of a rose is, the more flattering the courtiers at the feet of the queen must be. Blossoming shrubs such as baby’s breath, cranesbills, grasses, etc. are good for this.

Roses form a sea of blossoms of the noblest kind. Their special charm is distinguished by valuable characteristics such as a long blooming season, exquisite fragrance and elegant flowers.

Rose gardens invite us to dream. An enchanted bower overgrown with roses or a romantic rose arch festooned with blooms creates an ambiance reminiscent of that of the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty.

Sites in the vicinity of a seating area or the terrace are ideal for floribundas and historic roses, as in this way, you can still smell their beguiling perfume.

Long years of experience with roses, a large selection of old historic kinds and a love of detail will also turn your garden into a rose paradise.

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