Feng Shui Gardens

Far Eastern Influence

A harmonious garden design which holds ancient secrets. . One of the fundamental concerns of a Feng Shui garden is to create one‘s own green space in harmony with nature.

Inspired by the Yin and Yang theory of harmony, a garden will be a guarantee of peace, energy and harmony, if it is properly arranged.

Feng means wind and Shui means water. The landscape is shaped by both natural elements.

The task of Feng Shui is to create harmony between Man and his environment.  A Feng Shui garden needs variety, such as: a little hill to symbolize a mountain, or water, a rock garden and much more. The possibilities are varied and distinct.

Gently winding paths and clear, moving water, whether it be in the form of a spring or a stream, create an atmosphere that has an exhilarating effect and appeals to all the senses.

Complements and contrasts in a harmonious combination of colours, shapes and fragrances transport us into a world of variety.  A green ‘living room” in nature which constantly changes its appearance throughout the season.

This is a powerful place where new energy can be gained.  Through skilful planning, a perfect environment, where you can relax and recuperate, is created right on your doorstep.  The garden will become your favourite place and a fanciful and uncomplicated oasis of wellbeing, relaxation and health.

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