Garden Technology

Irrigation systems are combined with moisture sensors and are adapted to the particular requirements and different needs of the plants in your garden.

Plants in rooftop gardens are subjected to extreme conditions such as heat or wind.   Rooftop garden irrigation systems with special, adjustable sprinkler hoses.

Among others, drip irrigation systems, spray systems, computer-controlled pop-up sprinklers, moisture sensors and much more.

Garden Lighting

Specific garden features are emphasized only by the use of appropriate garden lighting.

Beautiful effects are created in different garden settings only through the use of a large variety of garden lights.
Romantic lanterns, torches, oil lamps or spotlights offer a setting for pleasant evenings or festive outdoor dining.

Pond Technology

Most modern swimming pond construction technology and guarantee that the water will be clear!

Underwater spotlights and pumps for streams, fountains, foaming nozzles, waterfalls, etc.

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